70-80 Gear and 80-90 WEAPONS




70-80 Gear and 80-90 WEAPONS:zj8Ni6-OOto




When its about GOLD everyone does accounts, when its about friendship.. no one cares, LET'S SEE WHO IS MY FRIEND! 




If you want to help me these are the steps:

1. Press The button.

2. Make a new account or log in via Facebook.

3. Level your account to level 10.

4. After your account is level 10, remember, aCo owes you something .

5. Everyone who helps me from now on becomes VIP in Guild.(read below what VIP means) 


Uploaded with

click to zoom it 



Guild Clean-UP

Recently I've decided to thoroughly clean the guild this includes the V.I.P. branch too. For these members i made this topic. I am very sorry but we need active players and if you ever decide to come back you are welcome to pm any of the officers (you can find them in "guild members" area.


 You are welcome to come back if you want. Just pm any officer.




People from VIP Branch that have less than 20-30 days offline



Other Branches Kick Criterions:

  • INNA: 10 days offline for people with less than 35k Contri. Value
  • INNA: 15 days offline for people with more than 35k Contri. Value
  • Born To Be Wild: 7-8 days offline for people with less than 20k Contri. Value 
  • Born To Be Wild: 11-12 days offline for people with more than 20k Contri. Value 
  • Zmei: 7 days offline for people with less than 10k Contri. Value
  • Zmei: To Be Wild: 9-10 days offline for people with more than 10k Contri. Value
  • Ru5T: 5-7 days offline for people with less than 3k Contri. Value
  • Ru5T: 9-10 days offline for people with more than 3k Contri. Value
  • Conves: 5-7 days offline for people with less than 500 Contri. Value
  • Conves: 7-10 days offline for people with more than 500 Contri. Value
  • FRESHMANS & MEMBERS: 5 days offline no matter what
If you tell ANY of the officers, preferentially aCoLyTe90, that you will be offline for a certain amount of time, your title will become :
"D'NOT KICK" or "Holliday" and you WILL NOT BE KICKED FOR 30 DAYS! If you are offline for more than 30 days tell aCoLyTe90!
If aCoLyTe90 is not online, mail him IN GAME or post here on FORUM that you will be offline!

Guild Contri Value on September

  Click on the image to get it zoomed. I just booked it every day but i don't care what's the result.. I got complains from other officers that i speak too much, that I'm lazy and I'm not dong my job. From now on either you get a TOTALLY DETACHED FROM THE GUILD presbyter, either u change me from this rank.I'm gonna "shot the hell my mouth up", and I'm gonna ignore you all, I'll salute you because i have some respect left but that's all. 

For the Non-believers(click to zoom) ..



Patch Rumor: SUPER SKILLS?

Check the Sin&Monk new attack:



Be carefull...

These days were tough ones, and the leader of BadBoysOfRO threaten me and the entire ALL4ONE that he will pk us because he is too retarded to understand something i told him 100 times, so be careful if you get PK-ed by him or any other BadBoys member, stay calm and don't react.. because it will make you as same as them(not all just the leader) an ungrateful, bad language and disrespectful man.


Maybe in the new patch?


NEW Tamer


Happy Easter ALL4ONE!

Team Speak 3                                                                                           



we will use this program only in guild war or at guild meetings..if someone can host a server tell me b'cuz i couldn't...

Happy Birthday KoKett!

 Wish You all the best!


Royal Flush! Kings and Queens!

Congrats! We've just won BLOOD PALACE!


We Get BLOOD! + 1st April event!

Hello Guyz! This Saturday at 17:00 GMT (19 :00 East European Time) we will Conquer BLOOD PALACE! Please Be there as many as you can!

Event: Check Recent Posts or Go to Forum!

KoKett Leader!

Hello Guys! As you saw, we have a new leader in the person of KoKett.. Don't worry Master will be back, but this week we take Blood Palace War and master decided to let the honor to KoKett.

Master will be back so don't worry that something happened. Besides Kok is a good leader and player.. lets support and encourage him this week!



ALL4ONE is now v2.0!

From now on, Every single event will be published here, News, Screenshots, Chat, everything you need to know you can find here.

Welcome, ALL4ONE Little Web


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